Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Many Rooms!

Volunteers help with our Friday night dinner service in the CBD, our outdoor room – The Garden (community garden plot in North Melbourne), our new Library and our Saturday breakfast and lunch services in North Melbourne:

  • Team Leaders
  • Cooks and Kitchen Hands
  • Food Bank Drivers
  • Volunteers for Recreational Activities
  • Community development (this team gathers every 3 weeks with the specific purpose of talking to participants and listening to their stories).

Induction Training is available.

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The following dedicated Positions are available:

The Kitchen at Many Rooms requires volunteers to assist in a variety of leadership positions. The positions are all voluntary and are designed to support The Kitchen’s Director and Kitchen Co-ordinator in their overall leadership roles.

Many Rooms is seeking a new Fundraising Co-ordinator to join the Management Committee!  This is a volunteer position.
If you:

  • love Jesus;
  • have a fundraising, events or marketing background; and
  • are passionate about serving homeless and disadvantaged people,

then we’d love to hear from you.  Fundraising Co-ordinator [pdf ] . Contact info@manyrooms.org.au for more details.

Other positions:
Biblical Living Co-ordinator [pdf]
Community Co-ordinator [pdf]
Meals & Nutrition Co-ordinator [pdf]
Risk & Safety Co-ordinator [pdf]
Volunteer Co-ordinator [pdf]

Applications and inquiries about these positions should be directed to Jim Davison, Kitchen Director, email: Jimd@manyrooms.org.au.

Volunteer survey outcome:

Logistics volunteer
We require volunteers to assist in delivery of food supplies to The Kitchen, a drop in centre operating in North Melbourne on Saturdays, serving homeless and disadvantaged people.
Responsibilities include:
- Liaising with cooks each week to identify necessary food items to obtain for that weeks’ meal;
- Pre-arranging visitation bookings with Foodbank Victoria and Second Bite;
- Visiting warehouses of Food bank Victoria (Yarraville) and Second Bite (Kensington) each Friday to select free items
- Deliver items to North Melbourne Community Centre and update Food safety records
- Stow non-perishable items and update on-line records of current holdings in the storeroom.
- assist in organising and recording food and equipment storage in the store room.
- Contribute to periodic meetings with cooks and nutritionists to discuss processes and meetings with Kitchen Director as required.
Volunteers must use their own car and have a current Drivers’ licence, however would be able to claim some expenses relating to fuel.  Assistance in carrying food might also involve a participant volunteer.
Participation in the Saturday volunteer work roster is welcome though not necessary.  This role would suit a person living in the western suburbs.  Induction training will be provided.
Fundraising Coordinator
The Management Committee of Many Rooms invites applications for the position of fund raising coordinator.
The coordinator would be a member of the management committee and also lead a team responsible for fund-raising events and activities.
Responsibilities would include:
- recruiting and managing a team of volunteer fundraisers
-   coordinating team members to organise events and activities directed at raising funds for Many Rooms;
-   Contributing and reporting to monthly meetings of the Management Committee
- Liaise with the Many Rooms treasurer in relation to budget planning
The coordinator would be allocated a budget to assist in arranging events.  Being an existing Many Rooms volunteer and previous fund raising experience would be considered an advantage.

During 2012, a survey of our volunteers was undertaken.
The key statistics are:

  • 26 volunteers responded
  • 100% felt satisfied overall with their experience
  • 100% were intending to stay on, 84% in the long term
  • 100% felt valued and useful, and
  • 100% were happy with their frequency of shifts

Interest was expressed in further training opportunities, which the executive team are responding to, with working with people with complex needs training.

Comments from volunteers on their experience at The Kitchen and what volunteering means to them:

“I enjoy being able to help and get great joy seeing the anticipation when patrons read the menu.”

“I think the volunteering at the Kitchen as been a great practical way to help Melbourne’s disadvantaged communities. I enjoy interacting with the people who come along.”

“Volunteering at The Kitchen has become a regular opportunity to connect with people who have experienced, and continue to experience, a broken and difficult life. Far more so than myself, in God’s grace. Over time, I’ve come to consider several participants as friends, some as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I miss them when they are not there, and I believe that they miss me if I’m not on shift. Serving them with a hearty meal is just one aspect of what we are doing then, possibly the least important. Most important, as it has turned out, is remembering a name, picking up a conversation, inquiring how someone is going, listening to a story, having a laugh, and generally being a friend to the participants. This affects them deeply. But increasingly I realise, it grounds me, and has a similarly strong affect on me.”

“I just really love getting to know the participants. It’s great to be able to build friendships that grow over time.”

“I feel that being at the kitchen is spending time with REAL people.”

“Coming to help at The Kitchen is one of my favourite things to do and I always leave feeling so blessed. The people who come for a meal are such a pleasure to chat with and are so warm/friendly/positive/open that my conversations with them are a definite highlight. I love the opportunity to connect with people that you might not normally connect with in everyday life. The place feels warm and inviting from the moment you walk in.”

“It has been wonderful to work with such a great team and I have been really challenged and encouraged by the interactions I’ve had with participants.

Thank you to Jess Browne who organised the survey and to the volunteers for their time in completing the survey.

Further information about the survey is available from Jim Davison, Kitchen Director, email:  Jimd@manyrooms.org.au.

Team 5 volunteers
Volunteers from Team 5

Team 5 volunteers

volunteers from team 5

Christmas in July 2010

Team 5 volunteers

Team 5 volunteers