Mission Statement & Values

Many Rooms is an initiative from City on a Hill to reach out to the marginalised in the city of Melbourne.

The vision statement of Many Rooms is “as God has loved us in Jesus, so we aim to love and care for the homeless of Melbourne“. This is based on our belief that the Bible commands us to love and care for those in need.

As such, the key values of Many Rooms are:

  • Every person is equal and important in God’s eyes
  • Every person is deserving of respect
  • Consider others needs equal to our own and therefore strive to serve others
  • A love for those neglected by society, particularly the homeless

Looking Forward – Future Rooms….

Much help beyond the The Kitchen is required. Other projects that Many Rooms can see a need for in Melbourne include:

  • Every evening. There is a need for Drop In facilities not just on Saturdays but also on other weekend evenings, beginning with nights of the weekend, and then moving onto on week nights.

  • Extra services. We would like to offer more services in the future, services such as food parcels, financial assistance, financial planning help, counselling services, legal aid etc.

  • Crisis accommodation for mothers and their children. Mothers and their children can find it hard to find crisis accommodation, due to their unique situation.

  • Night time drop in. Beyond a day Drop In is a need for a night time drop in. This is especially important in the winter months when people have no place to go. It would not be a place for accommodation, but would be open during the night time hours to provide a safe, secure, warm and dry place for participants to spend the night.

  • Programs designed to help homeless people out of homelessness. Examples include training through running a cafĂ©, sport programs, arts, writing, theatre etc. These programs will be designed to provide homeless people with skills and self esteem.